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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Sunset Body TreatmentsDrift away and enjoy total and complete relaxation as we care for your skin with one of our specialized body treatments.  Whether you are looking for tighter and firmer skin or a clearer complexion, our professional staff and superior product line will make you glow from the inside out.  Let us ease your tension from the neck down while enhancing your natural beauty and improve your health at the same time.

Gold Tan & Sunset Spa will nourish and replenish your skin by exfoliating, polishing, moisturizing, and detoxifying. 

It’s important to nourish and replenish your skin; it is your body’s largest organ after all!  Let Gold Tan & Sunset Spa respond to the specific needs of your skin and make this spa experience simply blissful.

Seaweed Mud Tummy and Waist TreamentSignature Seaweed Mud Tummy and Waist Treatment

This treatment has been created for both men and woman, specifically designed to improve skin aspect in the areas of the tummy and waste, improving firmness and tone. Includes a scalp and foot massage.

60 min $60.00
4 Treatments $200.00

Body ScrubBody Scrub

The sea salt glow is an experience that provides and effective and exceptional body scrub. Thanks to the properties of sea salt and sugar cane and essential oils the skin is smoothed and re-mineralized. Followed with a hydrating cream.

50 min $70.00

eaweed Intense Hydration Mud WrapSeaweed Intense Hydration Mud Wrap

Stimulates, tones up and strengthens the elasticity of the skin. The seaweed and clay moisture works deep within the skin to leave it smoother and less dimpled.

70 min $75.00

Draining TreatmentDraining Treatment

The draining treatment cleanses the skin of toxins and wastes. This energizing and detoxifying treatment reduces water retention through the alliance of the plant and aquatic world. Perfect for those who find imperfections due to water retention, fatty deposits and cellulite

1 Hour and 10 min $100.00

Slimming TreatmentSlimming Treatment

The slimming treatment is localized for cellulite and fatty tissues and helps with tightening and toning of the skin. Using combination of plant and aquatic life ingredients. This treatment helps to control the formation of fat and its disposal. The lipo-energizing cosmetic action triggers cellular metabolism, controls tissue functionality and breaks up accumulated fluids and fats, encouraging the drainage and lipolysis of fats.

1 Hour and 10 min $100.00

Reducing TreatmentReducing Treatment

The reducing treatment targets total body fat and cellulite This treatment helps in restoring the skin and tightening as well as broken capillaries. Using three active ingredients such as cocoa, coffee, and guarana.This treatment creates a mobilizing power promoting considerable drainage of excess fluids by stimulating the reduction of fatty tissue.

1 Hour and 10 min $100.00

Back Acne TreatmentBack Acne Treatment

Intense back acne treatment personalized to your needs. Includes a free consultation.

80 min $75.00

Other TreatmentsOther Treatments

Along with our traditional body treatment offerings, Gold Tan and Sunset Spa is also proud to offer other services that include Foot Treatments, Reflexology and Ear Candling. Our staff is highly trained and is focused on making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated during your stay. Have questions about services not mentioned here, feel free to call us directly at (905) 828 4653 or email us through our contact page.


Foot Treatments

Foot TreatmentsThink of your feet as the roots to a tree, they literally provide you with the balance, stability, and strength you require to move through life.  The soles of the foot have thousands of tiny nerve endings and are believed to have pressure points that correspond to different organs and systems.  Pressing and massaging certain points can have a beneficial effect on the overall health of a person.  Be kind to your feet and they’ll be kind to you!

Foot Scrub and Mask Treatment a soak scrub and mask made specifically for an intense hydration of the feet and remove dead skin also includes a 20 minute foot massage.

30 min $25.00


An intense foot massage targeting all pressure points.

30 min $35.00
45 min $60.00
60 min $45.00
Add a foot and scrub mask for $15.00

Ear CandlingEar Candling

Ear Candling is a natural way to clean out accumulated wax and white, flaky fungus from the ears. The accumulations withdrawn from your ears may be many months or even years old. Ear candles are custom designed from natural fibers and tapered to precise specifications.

10 min $35.00

Ear CandlingEyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Eyebrow & eyelash tinting service is available upon request. Please contact Gold Tan and Sunset Spa below for more information.

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