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Epilfree Hair Removal

Epilfree Hair Removal

Gold Tan and Sunset Spa are happy to introduce a unique new system for lasting hair reduction for all ages, all hair and skin types. EpilFree offers permanent hair reduction without IPL/Laser. Epilfree is a new generation of hair removal that combines simplicity of a waxing with extraordinary results.

Epilfree Hair Removal

Epilfree Hair Removal is a natural and scientific solution for unwanted hair that is suitable for anyone, any hair color or skin type, anywhere on the body.

Wax with Laser Like Results

Epilfree Mississauga Hair RemovalEnhance your waxing routine with Epilfree and get lasting laser like¬†results. Whether you’re an avid waxer or not you can get the benefits of smooth hairless skin with our unique Epilfree treatment. Laser is not the only solution out there. You can get the results you’ve always wanted.

Lasers are effective, just not for everyone. People with light skin and dark hair tend to get the best results but what about the rest of us? If you’ve tried laser and didn’t get the results you expected then try the alternative. Epilfree is a post waxing treatment that works with any skin type and any hair colour to get the results you’ve always wanted.

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Face Price
Eyebrows $50.00
Upper lip $45.00
Chin $45.00
Neck $45.00
Cheek/Sideburns $55.00


Body Woman
Underarms $60.00
Bikini $65.00
Bikini - Brazilian $100.00
Inner Buttocks $55.00
Underarms + Bikini $110.00
Bellybutton Line $55.00
Hands or Feet $55.00
Half-legs $145.00
Half-legs + Underarms $185.00
Half-arms $100.00
Upper Legs $165.00
Upper Legs + Bikini $200.00
Full Legs $280.00
Full Legs + underarms
(or Bikini)
Full Legs + Underarms + Bikini $370.00

Body MAN
Back $220.00
Chest $270.00
Shoulders $80.00
Back + Chest + Shoulders $450.00
Full Arms $200.00
Buttocks $150.00
Swimwear Classic $65.00
Swimwear Full $250.00
Eye Brow Tinting $20.00
Eyelash Tinting $20.00
Earcandling $40.00

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